Strings for Tomorrow

Evah Pirazzi, Violin, E Silvery Steel Ball

These are the strings that we use on all student models and modello dall’ estetica antica violins.

The development of the new Evah Pirazzi violin strings is based on an exclusive new core material, along with advances in manufacturing technique. The result is an ideal blend: the proven sound characteristics of PIRASTRO® gut strings along with the advantages of synthetic based strings (stability in tone and quick playability).

Manufacturer's description:


  • a new synthetic fibre
  • modern manufacturing techniques
  • high-quality winding materials
  • strings made by hand
  • strict quality control


  • most intensive and brilliant
  • widest possible range of dyanmic and soloistic play
  • solid warm tonal fundament
  • voluminous and nobel sound characteristic
  • outstanding quick  response
  • delicate nuances also within the pianissimo range
  • focused tonal presence
  • optimal left hand feeling
  • soft and immediately playable
  • resistant to changes in temperature and humidity; enourmous stability in tone
  • all strings are tuned for optimal set harmony

Available in sizes 1/8 to 1/4, 1/2 to 3/4, and 4/4.



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