Strings for Tomorrow

At Strings for Tomorrow LLC our philosophy is that customers should be able to rent quality musical instruments at affordable prices, and accumulate as much equity towards the purchase price as possible. Therefore, 100% of all rental payments made are applied to the purchase price of an instrument. There is no interest, finance or hidden charges if timely payments are made. Our objective is simply to offer a very customer-oriented rental program that makes learning to play a stringed instrument even more accessible to all. 

How much would it cost if I decided to purchase a student instrument?

 Student violins range from $400 to $600, student violas are $500 to $900, and student cellos range from $1050 to $1,900.

 How much is the rent per month for a student instrument?

 $30/month for violins and violas, $100/month for cellos. 

 How long is the rental period?

The rent-to-own contract will run for 12 months. For the first 11 months, a fixed rental payment of $30 or $100 + GET (depending on instrument) is due. In month 12, the remaining balance is due. So after 12 months, the instrument is yours!

 What if I decide that I want to buy the instrument before the end of the 12 months?

 In this case, all of your rent will be applied to the price of your instrument.

 What if my child outgrows her/his instrument within the next few months?

For those bordering on a size at the time of fitting, all of your rent will be applied to the instrument of the next size. There will be no charge to upsize as long as the instrument is in excellent condition (no nicks/scratches), otherwise there could be a charge of $50 or more (depending on instrument).

 What if the instrument gets damaged or stolen?

You are responsible for any damages (nicks, scratches, broken parts etc.) or if the instrument is stolen. Instruments should be well taken cared of.

 What if I decide that I do not want to continue renting?

 You may return the instrument at any time with no penalties as long as the instrument is in excellent condition. But please note that the minimum rental period is 4 months.

 What do I need in order to start renting?

 All that is needed is a valid ID, a refundable deposit ($30 for violin/viola, $100 for cello), your first month's rent and a Visa or MasterCard on which we can charge your monthly rental payments to.

I want to rent-to-own, how do I set up an appointment?

 Go to the Make an Appointment section of our website, and tell us when you are free.



Our online shop spotlights some of our popular models and favorite accessories. We have many more intermediate and advanced-level instruments to choose from. Just fill in the form in the Make an Appointment section of our website and we'll help you select the perfect instrument! If you don't see what you are looking for, then just send us an email, and we'll see what we can do.